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The Smartest Pellet Stove Ever Made: Harman Absolute

At Harman, we use the term “breakthrough” sparingly. Unless something is truly unlike anything that has come before, you won’t hear us say it. With that preface, the Harman Absolute43 pellet stove is nothing short of more

The Right Fireplace Accessories Ensure Vibrant Flames, Bright Memories, and Safe Homes

Anyone who has ever dreamed of having a home with a real fireplace must have imagined a great set of hearth tools to go with it. If you are in the market for a fireplace and are looking for great tools to help create the scene and keep it hot, you will not want to go without a few key items. Among the accessories with which every fire keeper should be equipped are a poker, hearth broom, shovel, tongs, a grate and a spark screen and/or glass door.

Fire has long mesmerized humanity. Without it, people would not have learned to cook, keep warm, properly clean their homes, or dispose of unwanted items. Society, by and large, accomplishes these things via more effective methods these days, but most people have fond notions about family fireplaces nonetheless. Today’s fireplaces provide both warmth and ambiance, and a great set of tools helps to create a fashion statement for the home. There is much more to your fireplace tools than propping, though.

Your hearth accessories should be functional, high-quality, and durable. While the investment for proper pieces may not seem great, the rewards for acquiring them will be invaluable. A proper poker helps to break small pieces of wood away from the larger logs to help oxygen permeate the fire breathe. As the fire increases, so will the debris left by it, and your broom and shovel will help with keeping everything as clean as possible.

Aside from your basic three-piece accessory set, you will want to acquire tongs for lifting and turning over wood pieces, a grate to keep the logs off the hearth and a spark screen or glass door to minimize the danger of fires. Tongs will help you to feed the wood to the flame, but the grate is essential for ensuring logs are fully ventilated for best air access. Logs that sit flat on the ground will have lower air/oxygen feel levels and are more likely to lose their flames. Once your fire is going strong, it poses a significant risk to your home and family if sparks are not controlled. Your spark screen or door will help to ensure that no stray sparks fly out to ignite rugs, furniture or clothes.

Homes with fireplaces offer warmth far surpassing the flames that are associated with the hearth. Families create memories around the crackling wood and the comfort it provides. Anyone who hopes to keep those memories lovely and abiding should be sure to arm themselves with all the best accessories for a healthier, more enjoyable fireside gathering. To learn more about fireplace accessories in La Mesa, please visit this website.

Charming Wood Burning Stove

A wood burning stove can add rustic charm to your living space, and looks great inside a fireplace inset. Stoves are cleaner and more efficient than a regular fire, so if you're remodeling a fireplace you might want to consider one.

Choose the Right Grill for Perfect Grilling and Barbecuing

If you’re looking to get a nice new grill for barbecue season, there are a few different ways you could end up going. Here’s a breakdown of a few of the different kinds of outdoor grills.

Freestanding Grill

Featuring a portable design that usually doesn’t take up much space, these grills can be used in any part of the yard or property. Typical examples include a charcoal or gas grill.
  • These grills can take the typical rounded shape, or be more boxy and rectangular. Usually built with wheels, they range from small to medium in size.
  • Some freestanding grills can plug into a wall wherever there is an electrical outlet and run on electrical energy.

A smoker grill typically resembles a large capsule or cylinder, and uses slow cooking to create a delicate smoked flavor for meat and cuisine prepared with it. Smokers use indirect heating, primarily using the hot smoke from a heat source below to cook the meat rather than the heat directly radiating from the source itself.
  • These grills can be versatile, and will work with anything from a batch of corn to a chicken to a big thanksgiving turkey.
  • The smoking process can be done with charcoal as well as with other wood varieties for a subtle and complex flavor.
Built-In Grill

Another option worth noting for an outdoor-kitchen feel is a built-in grill, which can offer all of the features of a freestanding grill, with a connection to a more direct fuel source like your home’s gas line, and less limitations on size. With this your patio can double as your neighborhood’s grill-center.

You may now find yourself full of ideas now on your new grill set up. Visit this website to talk to some grill professionals in La Mesa who can install all of these kinds of grills and more.

Beautiful Marriage of Cast Iron and Electric

A cast iron fireplace, like a stove of the same material, is a great rustic look for your living room or anywhere. If you already have an inset place from an existing fireplace, you'll save on cost and materials when adding an electric unit like this one.

Different Types of Alternative Fuels for Home Heating

There are a lot of ways to keep your home warm and cozy during the cold month that involve a different method than the typical heating system. Here’s a few good examples:

Wood Stoves

This rustic style heating accommodation is the oldest still available. Some of the oldest heating systems are wood stoves, but they are still effective today and make a great statement.
  • Features a system that transfers heat from a burning wood fire to be used throughout the house.
  • One of the most energy efficient designs because it uses all natural fuel and can operate free of electricity.
Gas Stoves
The appearance of a wood burning stove without the work of getting wood. Like wood stoves, these can be built with either a more traditional d├ęcor or take on a sleek modern twist.
  • These stoves can actually be operated by an electronic switch or even by remote control.
  • Typically less messy and produces less odor than a wood-burning stove.
Pellet Stoves

Rising in popularity over the last ten years, these stoves burn a compressed form of fuel known as pellets. Pellets are a type of biomass that can be made by compressing sawdust, though they are also sometimes burned in combination with other fuels, such as corn or woodchips.
  • Pellets are renewable and clean burning, without all the hassle of a wood burning device.
  • These stoves can often be self-igniting, controlling the amount of fuel released and being adjustable via thermostat.
These heating alternatives can really spruce up your home in the most unexpected of ways. Visit this website to see a vendor of freestanding gas stoves in El Cajon.

How to Find the Perfect Heating Solution for Your Home

Wouldn’t it be great to see what your new stove or insert would look like in your home before you buy? Harman’s new online design tool, Hearth by Design, makes it possible to visualize your new stove or insert in 3D. You can do it online at or via the iPad more

What's the Difference Between Contemporary and Modern Fireplaces?

If you’re looking to have a fireplace installed, or perhaps to update an old model to accommodate your home’s design, the question arises whether to go with a more contemporary style or with a newer, modern setup. Here’s a breakdown of the difference:

Contemporary Fireplaces

These fireplaces are designed in a more traditional way, and are often not too different in appearance from fireplaces built in older homes.
  • Typically, these fireplaces will burn wood or use gas to mimic the appearance of burning wood.
  • They can have brick or stone mantles, like what you might expect to find stockings hanging on during the holidays.
  • They burn a fire with a natural appearance, with no augmentation.
  • They will be set up with a typical glass or chain fire curtain.
Modern Fireplaces

Made with some of the newest materials and innovations, modern designs continue to redefine the idea of a fireplace.
  • The wall placement of the fireplace can be entirely up the homeowner, whether slightly elevated or at eye level to serve as an artistic element.
  • The mantle may not even be present, and the frame itself will often have metallic elements or resemble a panel in the wall.
  • The flames in these kinds of fireplaces can take many different forms. One kind of arrangement is a linear progression of streaks of fire. They can be electric or partially gas powered.
  • The glass or whatever material serves as the fire curtain can be colored in many different ways, or stay simple.
Whether you want to go with more contemporary style, or decide to go with modern designs, or utilize elements of both, there are so many creative ways to enhance this aspect of your home. Visit this website to see a fireplace store in San Diego that offers both contemporary and modern varieties.