Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Choose the Right Grill for Perfect Grilling and Barbecuing

If you’re looking to get a nice new grill for barbecue season, there are a few different ways you could end up going. Here’s a breakdown of a few of the different kinds of outdoor grills.

Freestanding Grill

Featuring a portable design that usually doesn’t take up much space, these grills can be used in any part of the yard or property. Typical examples include a charcoal or gas grill.
  • These grills can take the typical rounded shape, or be more boxy and rectangular. Usually built with wheels, they range from small to medium in size.
  • Some freestanding grills can plug into a wall wherever there is an electrical outlet and run on electrical energy.

A smoker grill typically resembles a large capsule or cylinder, and uses slow cooking to create a delicate smoked flavor for meat and cuisine prepared with it. Smokers use indirect heating, primarily using the hot smoke from a heat source below to cook the meat rather than the heat directly radiating from the source itself.
  • These grills can be versatile, and will work with anything from a batch of corn to a chicken to a big thanksgiving turkey.
  • The smoking process can be done with charcoal as well as with other wood varieties for a subtle and complex flavor.
Built-In Grill

Another option worth noting for an outdoor-kitchen feel is a built-in grill, which can offer all of the features of a freestanding grill, with a connection to a more direct fuel source like your home’s gas line, and less limitations on size. With this your patio can double as your neighborhood’s grill-center.

You may now find yourself full of ideas now on your new grill set up. Visit this website to talk to some grill professionals in La Mesa who can install all of these kinds of grills and more.

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