Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Different Types of Alternative Fuels for Home Heating

There are a lot of ways to keep your home warm and cozy during the cold month that involve a different method than the typical heating system. Here’s a few good examples:

Wood Stoves

This rustic style heating accommodation is the oldest still available. Some of the oldest heating systems are wood stoves, but they are still effective today and make a great statement.
  • Features a system that transfers heat from a burning wood fire to be used throughout the house.
  • One of the most energy efficient designs because it uses all natural fuel and can operate free of electricity.
Gas Stoves
The appearance of a wood burning stove without the work of getting wood. Like wood stoves, these can be built with either a more traditional d├ęcor or take on a sleek modern twist.
  • These stoves can actually be operated by an electronic switch or even by remote control.
  • Typically less messy and produces less odor than a wood-burning stove.
Pellet Stoves

Rising in popularity over the last ten years, these stoves burn a compressed form of fuel known as pellets. Pellets are a type of biomass that can be made by compressing sawdust, though they are also sometimes burned in combination with other fuels, such as corn or woodchips.
  • Pellets are renewable and clean burning, without all the hassle of a wood burning device.
  • These stoves can often be self-igniting, controlling the amount of fuel released and being adjustable via thermostat.
These heating alternatives can really spruce up your home in the most unexpected of ways. Visit this website to see a vendor of freestanding gas stoves in El Cajon.

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