Wednesday, 23 September 2015

The Right Fireplace Accessories Ensure Vibrant Flames, Bright Memories, and Safe Homes

Anyone who has ever dreamed of having a home with a real fireplace must have imagined a great set of hearth tools to go with it. If you are in the market for a fireplace and are looking for great tools to help create the scene and keep it hot, you will not want to go without a few key items. Among the accessories with which every fire keeper should be equipped are a poker, hearth broom, shovel, tongs, a grate and a spark screen and/or glass door.

Fire has long mesmerized humanity. Without it, people would not have learned to cook, keep warm, properly clean their homes, or dispose of unwanted items. Society, by and large, accomplishes these things via more effective methods these days, but most people have fond notions about family fireplaces nonetheless. Today’s fireplaces provide both warmth and ambiance, and a great set of tools helps to create a fashion statement for the home. There is much more to your fireplace tools than propping, though.

Your hearth accessories should be functional, high-quality, and durable. While the investment for proper pieces may not seem great, the rewards for acquiring them will be invaluable. A proper poker helps to break small pieces of wood away from the larger logs to help oxygen permeate the fire breathe. As the fire increases, so will the debris left by it, and your broom and shovel will help with keeping everything as clean as possible.

Aside from your basic three-piece accessory set, you will want to acquire tongs for lifting and turning over wood pieces, a grate to keep the logs off the hearth and a spark screen or glass door to minimize the danger of fires. Tongs will help you to feed the wood to the flame, but the grate is essential for ensuring logs are fully ventilated for best air access. Logs that sit flat on the ground will have lower air/oxygen feel levels and are more likely to lose their flames. Once your fire is going strong, it poses a significant risk to your home and family if sparks are not controlled. Your spark screen or door will help to ensure that no stray sparks fly out to ignite rugs, furniture or clothes.

Homes with fireplaces offer warmth far surpassing the flames that are associated with the hearth. Families create memories around the crackling wood and the comfort it provides. Anyone who hopes to keep those memories lovely and abiding should be sure to arm themselves with all the best accessories for a healthier, more enjoyable fireside gathering. To learn more about fireplace accessories in La Mesa, please visit this website.

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