Wednesday, 23 September 2015

What's the Difference Between Contemporary and Modern Fireplaces?

If you’re looking to have a fireplace installed, or perhaps to update an old model to accommodate your home’s design, the question arises whether to go with a more contemporary style or with a newer, modern setup. Here’s a breakdown of the difference:

Contemporary Fireplaces

These fireplaces are designed in a more traditional way, and are often not too different in appearance from fireplaces built in older homes.
  • Typically, these fireplaces will burn wood or use gas to mimic the appearance of burning wood.
  • They can have brick or stone mantles, like what you might expect to find stockings hanging on during the holidays.
  • They burn a fire with a natural appearance, with no augmentation.
  • They will be set up with a typical glass or chain fire curtain.
Modern Fireplaces

Made with some of the newest materials and innovations, modern designs continue to redefine the idea of a fireplace.
  • The wall placement of the fireplace can be entirely up the homeowner, whether slightly elevated or at eye level to serve as an artistic element.
  • The mantle may not even be present, and the frame itself will often have metallic elements or resemble a panel in the wall.
  • The flames in these kinds of fireplaces can take many different forms. One kind of arrangement is a linear progression of streaks of fire. They can be electric or partially gas powered.
  • The glass or whatever material serves as the fire curtain can be colored in many different ways, or stay simple.
Whether you want to go with more contemporary style, or decide to go with modern designs, or utilize elements of both, there are so many creative ways to enhance this aspect of your home. Visit this website to see a fireplace store in San Diego that offers both contemporary and modern varieties.

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